Welcome to Tree Raider

Welcome to Tree Raider – Sydney’s own dedicated tree removal company

Tree Raider provides services for tree removal and land clearing in the Northern and Western suburbs of Sydney including Ryde, Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills, Dundas, Rydalmere, Carlingford, Epping and all surrounding suburbs.

At Tree Raider, we value the attractiveness and environmental impact that a trees provide. There is no doubt that trees are beautiful additions to our surroundings. That is, until is a problem with a disease, broken limbs or out-of-control growth. Under such situations, tree raider provides tree removals in Ryde to ease your tree tensions.

Why go for tree removal?

We believe that a compromised tree can pose major safety hazards to people. To avoid any harm to people and property, our services for tree removal in Baulkham hills should be contacted.

There are many reasons, as to why you can require tree removal services:

  • Tree has root problems
  • Permanently damaged structural integrity
  • Compromised structure due to storm damage
  • Angle of trunk has become extremely curved
  • Tree has insect infestation or a disease
  • Tree is on the point or rotting or decaying
  • Tree is of an undesirable species for the location
  • It is an obstruction in the landscape
  • It is blocking a new construction

Tree Raider Services


Tree Removal

Got Diseased, Pest-Infested, or Dead Tree on your property? Trust Tree Raider for safe and affordable removal of the tree that is beyond any help.Learn More »

Land Clearing

Tree Raider covers you for all aspects of land clearing including Excavation, Bull Dozing, Mulching, Site Demolition, Removal, Preparation, Detention, Retention Ponds and Hydro-seeding.Learn More »

Stump Grinding

Get that unsightly stump removed from your landscape. Tree Raider is the one stop solution for all your landscaping problems. Learn More »

Council Requirements

Tree Raider is an approved tree trimming contractor engaged by Council Requirements. All our tree maintenance work complies with Australian Standards. Learn More »

Tree Raider Projects

At Tree Raider, we are dedicated to customer service. Each of our tree maintenance projects is undertaken with meticulous attention and caution to make sure that excellent standards in service delivery are maintained every time.


Tree removal as the last resort:

While we always strive for the preservation of plant and tree life, we never recommend removing a tree without any valid reason. When we plan our tree removal in Castle Hill, we make sure that removing the tree is the last resort and we have thoroughly explored all other options. We value the benefits, trees provide for our environment and therefore we never sign up for tree felling if we have any other option. We believe that only a tree that has been damaged beyond repair, needs to be removed.

Facing challenges:

At Tree Raider, we hire tree removal specialists who have years of experience and expertise to deal with critical situations associated with tree removals at Carlingford. We have the expertise to deal with all of the issues, ranging from accessibility, wires and electrical lines to the control of falling debris and clean-ups. Being one of the best in the industry, we have the right crew, experience and technology to get the job done efficiently, quickly and safely.

Why choose Tree Raider?

We assure you that our primary aim is to provide tree removals in Blacktown with safety in mind. When you contact us to avail our tree removal services, we assess your specific situation to ensure that we utilize the best plan of action by keeping all the safety measure in mind.

Here are all the reasons, as to why you should hire us all the tree services:

  • We are licensed and insured
  • We are experienced to deal with challenging issues
  • We offer services at competitive rates
  • Our main goal is your complete satisfaction
  • We clean up the debris after the tree felling