Tree Removal Ryde Baulkham Hills and Carlingford

Tree Raider provides qualified surgeons for tree removals

Whether you require the removal of a tree for re-construction purpose or if it has become a nuisance by taking up much of your garden space, our tree removal service in Ryde, Baulkham Hills and Carlingford expertly takes the tree down and leave you with a beautiful clear space.

We have always believed that trees provide a great environment with a lot of greenery. They not only save the environment, but also provide us with numerous advantages. But sometimes, these life savers can also cause inconvenience and need to be removed. We are well placed and experienced to assist you with whatever tree removal issues, you may need to address.


There are many reasons, as to why our experts think that a tree cannot be saved and its removal is inevitable. Our tree surgeons undertake and assess every job individually and focus on designing the best way for tree removal in Sydney.

Some of the reasons, as to why you can require a tree removal are as follows:

  • Dead tree
  • Rot
  • Fungi
  • Pest infestations
  • Structurally compromised by diseases
  • Compromised or damaged during a storm

How the removal is performed?

Once you hire us for tree removal service in ryde, baulkham hills and carlingford, our professionals deal with the problem expertly. Whether it be carefully dismantling the tree in sections to avoid any damage to the nearby properties or removal of the tree from the roots, we are a one stop solution for you.

All work is undertaken to current government standards by fully qualified tree surgeons

We understand that where the tree removal is concerned, safety is of paramount importance. Therefore, if a tree needs to be removed, we use the latest dismantling techniques to ensure that the job is conducted safely and with minimum disturbance to your garden or premises.